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Science Wars: What Scientists Know and How They Know It

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Science Wars: What Scientists Know and How They Know It (audio lectures)

(24 lectures, 30 minutes/lecture)
Course No. 1235

Taught by Steven L. Goldman
Lehigh University
Ph.D., Boston University

Welcome to the science wars ?a long-running battle over the status of scientific knowledge that began in ancient Greece, raged furiously among scientists, social scientists, and humanists during the 1990s, and has re-emerged in today's conflict between science and religion over issues such as evolution.

Course Lecture Titles:

1. Knowledge and Truth Are Age-Old Problems
2. Competing Visions of the Scientific Method
3. Galileo, the Catholic Church, and Truth
4. Isaac Newton?s Theory of the Universe
5. Science vs. Philosophy in the 17th Century
6. Locke, Hume, and the Path to Skepticism
7. Kant Restores Certainty
8. Science, Society, and the Age of Reason
9. Science Comes of Age in the 19th Century
10. Theories Need Not Explain
11. Knowledge as a Product of the Active Mind
12. Trading Reality for Experience
13. Scientific Truth in the Early 20th Century
14. Two New Theories of Scientific Knowledge
15. Einstein and Bohr Redefine Reality
16. Truth, Ideology, and Thought Collectives
17. Kuhn?s Revolutionary Image of Science
18. Challenging Mainstream Science from Within
19. Objectivity Under Attack
20. Scientific Knowledge as Social Construct
21. New Definitions of Objectivity
22. Science Wars of the Late 20th Century
23. Intelligent Design and the Scope of Science
24. Truth, History, and Citizenship