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Science of Star Wars: Man and Machine XViD

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*Pre-Note: Sorry just like my other science of SW xvid ep, this is out of sync, adjust audio ahead by around .6 sec, I don't encode much, so I'm not sure how to fix such things.

Science of Star Wars: Man and Machine

by AvP

What is it about? A look at such scientific aspects of the `Star Wars' films as lasers, space-age transportation, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Droids, bots, and artificial intelligence -- coming soon to rule the world. Right now, robots can clean the house, walk the dog, and identify lifesigns in the rubble of an earthquake. Soon, droids will replace astronauts on dangerous spacewalks and may even act as flying astromech droids to people living in space. How soon will it be before your mother has an unmanned drone to figure out what you're doing all day? Forget about Big Brother -- can the school principal use probe droids to patrol the hallways? Hosted by C-3PO and R2-D2.

new film name: Science of Star Wars: Man and Machine
edit crew name: AvP Productions
Date Edit Was Released: 22/12/09
Runtime:49 minutes

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Author: AvP
Video Format: MPEG2/720×480/16.9/NTSC
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 2.0

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- Science of Star Wars: Man and Machine

- motion menu


- Cover art

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* VirtualDub-MPEG2

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by avp: cover 1