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SCA Session 78 - Dr Ariane Bilheran 2021-11-12

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Stiftung Corona Ausschuss - "Investigative Corona Committee"
Session 78 - Dr Ariane Bilheran 2021-11-12 v2.mp4
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ONLY the French-language parts are subtitled, in French and in English.

SCA official website:

Overview of all of the sessions:

Session summary, in German only, is here:
"The clinical psychologist and author Dr. Ariane Bilheran offers an insight
into which psychological pathologies humans develop in a totalitarian
system and illustrates how harassment through threat, blackmail and
oppression affects the human psyche."

I hope that they don't create any more segments like this one,
for several reasons. There are five people involved speaking in two languages,
French and English. Sometimes what one person said is translated by a
second person, so that a third person can understand.

In this torrent, I have tried to delete the repetitious, distracting translations.
Sometimes I might have deleted too much, other times too little.

For another effort, by The Translation Bridge, look on .

Beware Bilheran's apparent ignorance regarding transhumanism.