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Saw this image on a page celebrating Highland Warriors

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Saw this image on a page celebrating Highland Warriors

Look at this page @ the Canadian War Museum:

Defender of clans, fearsome soldier and proud warrior — the Highland soldier is an iconic military figure whose role and reputation have evolved over the centuries, both within Scotland and beyond.

Then check out thIs:

Does he look like a highland warrior to you? Since when do Highlanders wear skirts made of cheap tablecloth and knee-high leather spats? I have no idea WTF that furry abomination is, but it sure as shit isn't a sporran. I refuse to address whatever the fuck that is on his head. And what's with the faggoty poses?

So this is how the Canadian War Museum portrays the modern "role and reputation" of the highland soldiers?

Hey kids, you can honour highland warriors by dressing like a campy faggot and striking your fave queer poses!

WTF has happened to this country?

I sent the link to the Royal Canadian Legion and The Black Watch. We'll see if they have the balls to remove the balls of the queers that posted that insanely insulting picture on a web site dedicated to the brave men who fought for this country and the Commonwealth.

worst of all

that's not even highland dress.. the involves the Great Kilt not the short victorian invention.

Nice (?) Find!!!

Awesome eye and a great find! Man! This down-side-up world is spinning ALL kinds of WONKY!!!
JUST saw your post and wanted to say thanks for the Share. This truly IS a GREAT find... unfortunate that it's there for you to find, in the FIRST place... but GREAT that you caught it. : ) Now we can pass this along. So others may see as well.

Again! Thanks for 1) Finding, 2) Sharing!!! : ) -EB

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