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Sharing the best and most complete collection of material relating to sacred geometry that you will find on the Internet. (And if you ask about Daniel Winter or Drunvalo Melchizedek, then you *really* need to study this collection.)

I bought most of these physically 20 years ago, but I am happy to see that many of them are now available in digital format. Please share others that you may have.

John Osgar Lieben - Sacred Geometry for Artists, Dreamers, and Philosophers - Secrets of Harmonic Creation.pdf
A.T. Mann - Sacred Architecture.pdf
Anne Bancroft - Origins of the Sacred - The Way of the Sacred in Western Tradition.pdf
Anthony Aveni - Conversing with the Planets How Science and Myth Invented the Cosmos
Anthony Lawlor - The Temple in the House - Finding the Sacred in Everyday Architecture.pdf
Bindia Thapar - Introduction to Indian Architecture.pdf
D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson - On Growth and Form 1942
Devdutt Pattanaik - Indian Mythology - Tales, Symbols, and Rituals from the Heart of the Subcontinent.pdf
Elisabeth Vva Raddock - Listen How the Wise One Begins Construction of a House for Visnu - dissertation.pdf
Frances Howard-Gordon - Sacred Geometry, article in Resurgence 2010.pdf
Francis D. K. Ching - Architecture - Form, Space, and Order.pdf
Frater Achad - The Anatomy of the Body Of God - Being the Supreme Revelation of Cosmic Consciousness 1925
Fukagawa Hidetoshi & Tony Rothman - Sacred Mathematics - Japanese Temple Geometry.pdf
Fulcanelli - Master Alchemist - The Mystery Of The Cathedrals trans. Mary Sworder.pdf
George Gheverghese Joseph - The Crest of the Peacock - Non-European Roots of Mathematics 2011.pdf
György Dóczi - The power of Limits - Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art and Architecture.pdf
Heinrich Zimmer - Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization, ed Joseph Campbell.pdf
India architecture
Jean Richer - Sacred Geography of the Ancient Greeks - Astrological Symbolism in Art, Architecture, and Landscape v2.pdf
Jean Richer - Sacred Geography of the Ancient Greeks - Astrological Symbolism in Art, Architecture, and Landscape.pdf
Jean-Pierre Verdet - The sky - Mystery, Magic, and Myth.pdf
John Michael Greer - Sacred Geometry Oracle - Become the Architect of Your Life.pdf
John Michell - The Dimensions of Paradise - Sacred Geometry, Ancient Science, and the Heavenly Order on Earth 2001
Karen L. French - The Hidden Geometry of Life - The Science and Spirituality of Nature.pdf
Keith Critchlow - Order in Space - A Design Source Book.pdf
Kimberly Elam - Geometry of Design - Studies in Proportion and Composition.pdf
Marilyn Walker - Sacred Geometry - An A-Z Reference Guide - History, Beliefs, and Practices
Matila Ghyka - The Geometry of Art and Life.pdf
Michael Schneider - A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe - Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science 1995
Michael Wilson Hayes - The Hermetic Code in DNA - The Sacred Principles in the Ordering of the Universe
Nigel Pennick - Sacred Geometry - Symbolims and Purpose in Religious Structures 1980.pdf
R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz - The Temple in Man - Sacred Architecture and the Perfect Man, trans Robert & Deborah Lawlor.pdf
Robert Lawlor - Sacred Geometry - Philosophy and Practice.pdf
Scott Onstott - Quantification - Illustrations from the Creator of Secrets In Plain Sight.pdf
Simon Schama - Landscape And Memory.pdf
Stella Kramrish - The Hindu Temple 1946
Stephen M. Phillips - 3 - The sacred geometry of the Platonic solids.pdf
Tons Brunes - The Secrets of Ancient Geometry snd Its Uses
Vinayak Bharne & Krupali Krusche - Rediscovering the Hindu Temple - The Sacred Architecture and Urbanism of India.pdf
William Richard Lethaby - Architecture Mysticism and Myth 1892
z additional recommended books on sacred landscape not yet available in digital format.txt


Very interesting and thorough archives, thanks so much for sharing with us here!

"György Dóczi - The power of Limits - Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art and Architecture" is one of my fave books in the whole, entire world! Download and find out why :)

beautiful collection! thank you for sharing!