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Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives (2014)

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American explorer Mike Libecki investigates the mysterious deaths of nine students and uncovers something truly horrifying...
On February 2, 1959, nine college students hiked up the icy slopes of the Ural Mountains in the heart of Russia but never made it out alive. Investigators have never been able to give a definitive answer behind who – or what – caused the bizarre crime scene. Fifty-five years later, American explorer Mike Libecki reinvestigates the mystery – known as The Dyatlov Pass incident – but what he uncovers is truly horrifying.
Based on diary accounts, forensic evidence and files that have just recently been released, Mike pieces together the graphic stories in search of what really happened that evening. According to the investigators at the time, the demise of the group was due to a "compelling natural force." The students’ slashed tent was discovered first with most of their clothing and equipment still inside. Next, the students’ bodies were found scattered across the campsite in three distinct groups, some partially naked and with strange injuries including crushed ribs, a fractured skull, and one hiker mutilated with her eyes gouged out and tongue removed.
The mysterious scene left more questions than answers. Why was the tent slashed from the inside? Why would the victims leave their clothing behind in subzero weather? Could it have been a government top secret weapon that killed them? Or an indigenous local tribe that lashed out for trespassing on their land? But perhaps most strange of all, why did the Soviet government suppress the autopsy and other reports for 30 years?
Mike first heard about the Dyatlov Pass incident on a climbing expedition in 2011 and since then has become obsessed with the case. "I’ve spent a lot of time alone in the mountains and have had my share of near-death experiences," he said. "I know if I went missing, I’d want my family to know what happened to me."
Determined to find answers, Mike hires Russian translator Maria Klenokova to join him. Together, they set out to one of the most remote and inhospitable places on Earth. However, nothing prepared them for what they were about to discover. Following the trail of evidence, Mike finds proof that the hikers were not alone – a photograph, taken by one of the hikers a day before they died that suggests that they encountered a Yeti. But just how far will they go to find the answers?


Yeti finds you........ and of yor here too!.. I'll get my coat.....

The image on the poster for this documentary is a real photograph - their last one - taken by one of the hikers who died.

There is a scene about animal mutilation (most cattle). Also very unexplained... Why not human mutilation ?

Here in Brazil happened the most famous case that leaked to public knowledge. If memory serveves, the man's tongue was missing together with genitals, etc...

I have here somewhere the video of a man that confronted Linda Moulton Howe about human mutilation and she replied that this kind of thing never happened and that she "knows" that there is no such thing !

Diatlov was the first and last case in Russia to see the light of the day, so to speak...

This one is crap, IMHO. All leading to the Yeti explanation is unjust with the complexity of the case.

reseed if able thank you

I have this on my seedbox from the same uploader, but different tracker. I added this ConCen version and it matched up to 99.1%, so the video should work fine. Pretty interesting documentary.

99.1% but wont open the file.

I even tried an MKV repair app to no avail.
pitty that guy with 100% file from Bulgaria wont connect .

Yes, I noticed it is at least 10 megabytes off the original - I have no idea how or why that would be the case, as it is essentially the exact same video, but downloaded off of TorrentLeech. Maybe the original uploader will see this and seed.