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RT Crosstalk May 2022

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The censorship expands to new realms. When the West comes to its senses, maybe we can talk. If there is a West after this bullshit.

Ukraine: Standoff
EU: Laugh or cry?
NATO losing
Europe at war?
Self-inflicted damage
Crunch time
Ukraine: Negotiate or not?

When is Russia going to interdict all NATO materiel at the border in Lvov and Uzhgorod, and when will they start bombing Hollywood stars and idiotic fascist politicians visiting Kiev? I don't really get this. General Zhukov would've taken the whole country by now. If you leave holes in the border in the west and on the coast, NATO will smuggle weapons in, whether or not there are any living soldiers left who know how to use these weapons. Interdict. Shoot down. Sink.