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Rothschild Family - Waddesdon Manor Guide 1968

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"Waddesdon Manor: A Guide to the House and its Contents" (1968). djvu and pdf.

Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire, UK: The James A. de Rothschild Bequest to the National Trust.

It seems a closer scrutiny of the 1968 Guide to this National Trust property provides clues to the possibly unorthodox origins of some of its contents.

DjVu from libgen with a conversion to pdf - as usual, the latter in order to achieve comparable visual effect is many times larger than the original, absent access to modern commercial conversion software.

Waddesdon Manor - Front Cover
Title Page
Author's note / Acknowledgements
Waddesdon Manor and its Contents
The East Gallery
The Breakfast Room
The Dining Room
The Red Drawing Room
The Grey Drawing Room
The West Gallery
The Small Library
The Baron's Room
The Tower Drawing Room
[colour photoplates -- print pages 34-39]
The West Hall
The Morning Room
The West Staircase Landing
The Music Room
The Blue Sèvres Room
The Fan Corridor
The State Bedroom
The Green Boudoir
The Bedroom Corridor and Adjoining Rooms
The Bachelors' Wing
The Low White Room
The Armoury
The Smoking Room
The Billiard Room
Waddesdon and the Rothschild Family
Index of Artists and Craftsmen
Plan of the Property
Key to Rooms / Index
Rear Cover


who is up for a field trip?

I expected more from this book...