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Rose/Icke 6 - The Vindication - David Icke London Real Interview 6 (2022.01.21)

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London Real Digital Freedom Platform
21 January 2022

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London Real wrote:

Rose/Icke 6 is the final episode of a six part series that started with the broadcast of Rose/Icke on March 18th, 2020, during the early days of the pandemic when the world was paralysed by fear.

That first episode would go on to be watched worldwide over 20 million times and was followed up with our broadcast of Rose/Icke 2 on April 6th, the second largest YouTube livestream in the world that day with over 65,000 concurrent viewers.

30 minutes later that episode, which would have become the most watched video podcast in human history, was deleted and banned from YouTube and started London Real’s famous fight for Freedom of Speech against every major technology platform in the world.

Now after five episodes and nearly two years later, it's finally time to look back on everything that was said and put it all in proper historical perspective.

It’s finally time to show the truth that was being told during the entire pandemic and lockdown.

It’s finally time for The Vindication.


But even still, I bet every now and then these guys have to put on a face mask like the rest of us do. I wonder if they get creative with them... I just wear a plain white one when I need to.

But anyways! Thanks for sharing.

Not for a year.

I think it's easier to get away with it here in the UK.

It is actually mandated for public spaces where I'm from (Canada). I am also not allowed to go to restaurants, movie theatres and other places without proof of vaccination. But I normally just do take out anyways... so I'll go as long as I can, until it is legally mandated, I guess!

Firstly, many thanks for the upload. In our State WA in Australia we need the vax to work now. Thankfully I can still go to a supermarket, but doubt not for long. We've only had a couple of cases here in the past few years and yet our borders have been closed to the rest of Australia. I miss the Old Country and hope Boris keeps to his word. If he does, I may consider going back home.

what do you use to download from freedomplatform stream? yt-dl or other basic software doesn't seem to work. Obviously, there is a way. Thanks.

I use Downie which is available for macOS

You can also use 1DM+ (Browser) in Android, that has worked for me. Unlike other tools as you say.