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ROFL @ UK channel 4

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ROFL @ UK channel 4

This morning i got a call from my mother. she was talking wildly about the world having gone mad and lab grown human meat and how the meat that was cloned was "harvested".
Si i look at channel 4
and i found what fucking HAS to be the best piece of satirical writing and presentation i have seen in years.
i am wondering how many complaints channel 4 got , or OFCOM(broadcast regulator).
The presenter is a very well known UK food presenter and it was very, very well made and, if you sussed it, funny as all fuckery.
The story in the mockumentary is that poor people sell portions of themselves to get cloned into meat to help pay for the cost of living.
The station gave no heads up it was a satire
I wonder how many people wrote into news sites/stations/papers about it!
Still chuckling like fuck