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RIR - David Icke - Swine Flu, Mass Vaccinations & G20 [2009/09/27]

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I checked Icke's site the other day and followed a link to Red Ice, got his interview and now share it.

That's happening, even though Shanghai had reported more than 1,300 cases of swine flu by last week since the first one in May and there have been no fatalities.

A student of Hongkou Senior High School receives a swine flu shot yesterday as a trial run before Tuesday's citywide inoculations that will cover all students and teachers of local primary and middle schools.
sHANGHAI, 2009-11-07

...and who's coming to town next week, eh? Obama. To reassure the eternal sino-american relations and to synchronize with local health system maybe.

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David Icke joins us to talk about the Swine Flu, Mass Vaccinations, the Corruption in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Nanochips in Vaccines, the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh and much more. We also talk about David Icke's upcoming seminar in Gothenburg, Sweden on Saturday October 24th. Topics Discussed: The Swine Flu Pandemic, Lab Created Virus? Pharmaceutical Companies: Novartis, Baxter International, GlaxoKlineSmith, Record Profits, Revolving Door Spins Government Aides Into Lobbyists, Goldman Sachs, FDA, Northcom, G20, The New World Order Controled Media, The Global Prison State, Banks, Sheep Mentality, Why are People so Scared? the SARS farse, Swine Flu Propaganda from 1976, Nano Technology, Nanochips in the Vaccines, Thiomersal a 49% Mercury based Antiseptic, Antifungal Agent as Ingredient in the Vaccines, Media Co Participation in the Agenda, Manipulation of Banking, Where are the Insiders? People Need to Begin to Speak out Aginst the Agenda! We talk about the Celebrities and the Men in Black Suits and White Coats and much more. Don't miss this important program!