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Richard Bandler NLP Hypnosis Video Seminars and Textbooks pack 4

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Richard Bandler NLP Hypnosis Video Seminars and Textbooks pack 4


1) Richard Bandler - Creating Therapeutic Change (Colorado 1989)

Richard considers this advanced seminar his best ever presentation of how to work with clients. Just solving problems isn't enough. Time distinction can be used to interlace beliefs, feeling states and chains into complexes that generatively reorganize fundamental attitudes throughout a person's life.

Among the areas covered are:

- State preparation of the therapist.

- Noticing the information and presuppositions that many people miss.

- Rehearsing backsliding to build presuppositions of success.

- Weaving complexes that go far beyond solving particular problems to changing fundamental attitudes.

As these tapes were edited from an advanced seminar they are really suitable only for NLPers who have obtained practitioner status or who have had considerable exposure to NLP. They are best viewed in the given sequence, as the content of each assumes that you are familiar with the content of the preceding tapes. Advanced.

Use time and sub-modalities to layer response states into pervasive attitudes. For the therapist as well as for the client. (104 minutes)

Layering and meta programs can be used to build powerful motivational systems. Rehearse backsliding to build in presuppositions of success. Use time to change semantic responses. (101 minutes)

Use temporal thresholds to make sure the client doesn't go back to old behavior, and use layering to build pervasive positive attitudes. (94 minutes)

Trance, either/or alternatives, and expressive humor can make old problem behaviors seem unfamiliar and ridiculous, and refocus attention on desired outcomes. (86 minutes)

Your nonverbal behavior is the instrument for putting together the package of experience that will reorient clients from past problems to future satisfaction and generalize this throughout their lives. (91 minutes)

Playful exaggeration is the major way to disassemble seriousness and reverse presuppositions about problems. (78 minutes)

Putting it all together to create new experiences that are so desirably compelling that the person is propelled out of old behaviors into future discovery and growth. (94 minutes)

2) Richard Bandler - State of the Art (Colorado 1987)

Advanced live seminar with Richard Bandler recorded on VHS tapes at the NLP Comprehensive, Boulder, Colorado 1987.

Tape 1: Time Distortion
Tape 2: Making Things Easier
Tape 3: Increasing Expressiveness

This time it's the real one unlike the one in pack 3.

books: Most books ever written by Richard Bandler and Milton Erickson and more.