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Revealing God's Treasure (2017)

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This is the second edition of the DVD which has new video clips. The DVD covers Noah's ark which is across the valley from Mt. Ararat and has been declared a national park, complete with man-made metal fittings and petrified wood, a visitors' center overlooks the site. You will see the cities along the Dead Sea which God destroyed in his judgments of men at Sodom and Gomorrah, complete with brimstone, cremated bone and man-made formations. Also, the Red Sea crossing of the exodus is detailed at a new location, along the shore of the Gulf of Aqaba where chariot wheels have been found in the waters and a column was erected by Solomon marking the site. You will see across those waters the land of Midian or the real Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia where the ark of the Covenant was built by the children of Israel. The burned peak of the mountain can be seen and the split rock that Moses struck and water flowed out. Then we also show the area where the ark of the covenant was found by the late Ron Wyatt. He found all the previous discoveries and God led him to this amazing discovery of the ark of the covenant. See Mr. Wyatt tell how God allowed him to see the ark in the cave just outside the walls of Jerusalem. Additionally, we have Mr. Wyatt speaking about the discoveries at various venues. These discoveries are evidence God will show to the world, evidence of past judgments to wake men up, because God is about to judge the living. This version is widescreen and has additional video clips compared to the first edition.


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