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the return of Con Cen

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the return of Con Cen

Hello all,

first Id like to say a big hello to all the members I see that are returning..

Next Id like to say thanks for the effort to get ConCen up and running again..

I has been a fantastic resource over the years.. has it been a decade?

I look forward to new findings shedding light on old ideas...

old truths exposing new lies..

and new friendships collaborating to lift up the stubborn larger proverbial rocks to discover whats been hidden

and head into uncharted ground..

Keep in mind, the confusing, frustrating, confounded world we live in

is designed to keep everyone divided & without information..

there is always an angle..

so as we come together let us practice the lost form of argumentation with a sense of respect & wonder..

as Alan Watts said.. If you don't take an opposite view, I cant define my own..

and little by little, piece by piece, we can add to a foundation of Truth..

which as we all know, most people today, refuse to see, understand or hear

any truth which threatens their mental understanding of the world and attack to

protect the party line, idea, or war drum.. while saving their own ego from self discovery..

let us step forward, fellow traveler, into this New World Order, undeterred by friends of the widows son.. the worshipers of gods Sun(son), and those

who declare themselves chosen & would cast you into slavery as a goy... and seek the armor of truth to shield against such lies & deceit..