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Retreat with Adyashanti - Five Truths about Truth (2006)

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Retreat with Adyashanti - Five Truths about Truth (2006)

The Five Truths About Truth - On CD
Retreat with Adyashanti

10-CD Album. Running time: 12 hrs.

During this landmark retreat in the fall of 2005, Adyashanti distilled the essence of his teachings into five truths about the nature of ultimate reality. New students discovered a deep resonance with the profound simplicity, while advanced students found themselves riveted by the maturity, freshness, and radical directness of the teachings. These 10 CDs offer 12 hours of edited recordings from this powerfully transformative retreat. Included are:

• A series of talks on the five truths about absolute truth
• A stunning talk on the nature of karma
• Insightful and engaging dialogues
• A guided meditation on letting everything be as it is

"You are going to lose your spiritual world if you take this far enough." -- Adyashanti