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Rethinking "Free Energy" with Peter Lindemann, Ph.D.

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Rethinking "Free Energy" with Peter Lindemann, Ph.D.

Talk For Food 245 -- Rethinking "Free Energy" with Peter Lindemann, Ph.D.

If you listen to the media and all its experts, we’re in an energy crisis, which includes a mad dash to find new “sources” of fuels that the public has been convinced by “experts,” will run out eventually, if not sooner.

Politicians – not “leaders” – justify hostile, aggressive military action, sending young men and women to foreign countries to enforce scarcity-based energy policies, which, is increasingly appearing to be unnecessary, as evidence is mounting that sad shortages themselves are unfounded.

Such is the conversation that awaits Talk For Food listeners as Adam visits with Peter Lindemann, PhD., at his home in Spokane, Washington. Dr. Lindemann has been involved in the little known primary energy sector of science for over 40 years.

A science historian, Dr. Lindemann tracks the development and availability of numerous inexpensive methods to tap into the ocean of energy that exists everywhere, as everything. Of particular interest, and very accessible, is the very phenomenon that we experience as heat. Heat can be converted into power that not only heats, but also cools our environments, and even power our homes.

Imagine the tremendous reduction in the invasive and contaminating methods associated with harvesting fuels from the Earth when you realize that more energy exists in the atmosphere itself than all the gas, coal, and oil combined!

You’ll need to listen to this one several times.

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