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Reseed request for Hollywood Decoded with Jay Weidner

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Reseed request for Hollywood Decoded with Jay Weidner

Can someone please reseed this, as it's not working.

seconded! that does look

seconded! that does look interesting...

Neat, I caught a bit from the

Neat, I caught a bit from the episode on the Matrix. Y'all probably discussed this here before but it was new for me. While the movie was realeased in 1999, Neo's passport expires on Sep 11, 2001 (ie 9/11) and in this same scene the Agent labels Morpheus a "terrorist"

Delete if you must, personal massages to and from TheCorsair00
If you've ever seen these interesting detail reports, like Mr. Anderson in The Matrix having September 11, 2001 as the expiry date in his passport. Some form of ironic enjoyment for the paranoia enthusiast, frequently inciting reasonably justified claims of excessive malicious planning on the part of evil entities. I googled Richard Alan Miller out of interest, to see what this thing is about -- upon first glance, it looks like his material is of a high order, which I would like to study. On to the point -- there's a similar scene in the 2014 film Lucy. There's a scene fairly early on, where she's accompanying her boyfriend Richard to some endeavor. They've only been dating for a week and she doesn't trust him anyway. Later down the line, you can see her full name is Lucy Miller. What is that film about anyway? Maybe it's something like that...I like her, i love lucy and scarlett johansson looks like a wonderful woman. I try to be creative every once in a while and yesterday, this was produced: The birds are outside, chirping "we've got your sugar, your lungs and your heart, that's all the checkmarks, time for you to depart"
I took my time and cared to respond "thank you mary, jane and lucy, there truly is a pornhub"
Where is special agent lucy when you need her?
Where is lucy? gta san andreas?
Lucy is similar. I looked at The Island (2005) many times last year, as it became one of my favorite films, after which I saw Lucy as well. In the island, she is told "I hear they're taking your kidneys, your lungs, your heart. They're going to hack you up." And what-do-you-know, by 2014, she's 13 years old and gets an abdominal scar. Weird movie cross-references there, huh? I really started liking her and noticed a doppelganger in the local store. As I was browsing for organic vinegar, there was a new brand I was un-familiar with, I looked at the logo and designs, which said something like: "With The Mother", raw apple cider vinegar, unfiltered. I hesitated, because I have a problem with mothers in general, especially the degenerate, old and ugly ones, and what-do-you-know, someone looking exactly like a Scarlett Johansson doppelganger walks up with a bit of acne that could easily be cleared up within two weeks of care, along with her terribly ugly mother...I had the bottle in my hand, pretended to throw it like a throwing knife as a headshot to you-know-whom, placed it back in the shelves and before I RAN AWAY, she blinked once in binary as if in approval!!! This is good, because even though I needed that vinegar, I had other shopping duties to attend to and only realized afterwards that I needed extra finances to make it happen and came back for the vinegar afterwards with an extra fiver to allocate for this rather important purchase. I'm absolutely certain there's people out there, who would love themselves a Scarlett Johansson doppelganger, for whatever the reason may be, plus she probably speaks English, too. I refuse to believe she died in Lucy (2014), it is more likely that she just teleported away, given the entire notions of the movie itself. How much would someone pay for something like that? Probably in her early twenties, probably speaks english and probably would be happy to join you in your case. Probably lives here, unknown to me...

Shh, get back to the part about the big black man...

Then, to show how different things or situations can look in another context,
It's the famous matrix scene....and it makes everything look completely ridiculous
I have a friend who said the conspiracy could be no more mischievious, than changing a few IMDB-ratings, but I said to him, that a lot can be done, even with changes in only one parameter, like in the human organism, for example, with blood sugar, or anything else. When taken to the maximum degree, you can literally kill a person by just messing with just one of the things, if not directly, then by proxy, in the long term. Here is another example for contrast, same music, played by the founder of modern satanism. By the way, I was interested in this somewhat, I opened up the satanists bible written by the same person and there were rather interesting and valid points presented there, even though I did not read a lot, it certainly made me respect him and similar movements much more.
It's quite safe to say this makes it serious again, if needed.
And, because the theme is currently so matrix related, here is another classic which I enjoyed very much, a parody:
Take the red pill, get the blue screen

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