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Complete, edited archive of Republic Broadcasting Network,
Truth Hertz podcasts from 2008.

Host Charles Giuliani's, last program on RBN was on 2008-02-01.
Each individual program's subject matter is indicated within
the file name.


Genre: Podcast
Name: Charles Giuliani-Truth Hertz(2008-All)RBN)AdFree

Names: Truth Hertz(Year-Month-Day)Subject Matter)RBNedit.mp3
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 16000Hz mono 16Kbps
(original source quality)

Individual Descriptions files are included in a zipped archive.



Commercials removed...

Each daily 2hr program is split or combined contingent upon their
individual subjects.
When split, their dates indicate an a or b suffix.


Charles Giuliani Bio:

Truth Hertz Audio Archives: