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Request: NXIVM content (Inspired by HBO's The Vow)

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Request: NXIVM content (Inspired by HBO's The Vow)

Watching the NXIVM series "The Vow" from HBO, I have to say NXIVM looks awesome!

I wouldn't mind watching more content and lectures, it seems very insightful.

Obviously the guy turned out to be a sex freak or something, but who doesn't want to start a sex cult? He just lacked checks and balances and someone to counter his power in the group and keep it on track.

There's an interesting documentary called "My Tourette's" which is mentioned, about using NXIVM techniques to cure or mitigate Tourette's. I've heard of that working with other techniques e.g. Tony Robbins.

Grateful for any content people can find.