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Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa is a Zulu Sangoma (traditional healer) and High Sanusi from South Africa. He is well known and respected for his work in nature conservation and is an author of books on African mythology and spiritual beliefs.

Credo Mutwa On Barack Obama

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My great friend, the Zulu shaman, or sanusi, Credo Mutwa, has written a poem to express his thoughts on what he sees as the true nature of Barack Obama and the agenda for Africa and the world that he represents.

An actor walks upon the floodlit stage of life
wearing a mask of an angel beneath a demon's gown.
Pretence smiles upon the crowded hall of life
holding out hope as bright as it is false.
Son of a woman in whose veins flows the blood
of ancient Ireland and dark Africa's plains.
You are Obama, nick-named the standing king
You are Barack, oh, son born to deceive
The suffering hoards of Africa look up to you,
See a black saviour where nought but a Judas strides.
An entrapper of nations, bringer of dismal war
Behind the robes and the nylon wings of hope
Oh, may those who look upon you, see you as you are.
May those who hope in you behold you as you be
A prince deceitful to bring down Africa's shrines
A siren who leads Africa's ships onto rocks of obliteration.
Your rule my lord will not be one of peace
Your reign my king will not be one of smiles
Even as we speak in caves both dark and dank
Enraged fanatics plot your dark demise
They will put around your head a bloodwet martyr's crown.
Oh black Kennedy following the one before
May God forgive thee and thy fiery spouse
As you walk in silence from the stage of life
Barack Obama, blessed son, Oh standing king.

Credo Mutwa

Credo Mutwa - "They Live" Among Us

Original Uploader's Notes:

Open your eyes. The conspiracy is real. Wake up before it's too late. "They Live", John Carpenters film predicted it perfectly.

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Credo Mutwa - A Message to the World

Zulu Sangoma (healer) Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa calls on all human beings to awaken the mother mind, that part of human consciousness that feels what is happening in the world.

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Credo Mutwa - A Child of Ubuntu

Zulu Sangoma (healer) Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa describes the African philosophy, Ubuntu—"I am because you are"—as the root of humanity's interconnectedness.

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Ubuntu, a traditional African philosophy, recognizes how we are inextricably bound in each other’s humanity. Translated as, “I am because you are,” Ubuntu describes a sense of unity between people through which we each discover our own strengths and virtues. Featuring healer Credo Mutwa, GreenHouse Project director Dorah Lebelo, and former Deputy Minister of Health Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge, this glimpse of South Africa shows compassion as a way of life.

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Watch "Credo Mutwa & David Icke - The Reptilian Agenda" Online Here: