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Req- Surviving Sex Trafficking (2022)

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Req- Surviving Sex Trafficking (2022)

“Sex trafficking is the fastest-growing crime in the world.” — UNODC
‘Surviving Sex Trafficking’ Trailer: New Film Documents Experience Of Women Survivors “Without Sugar-Coating The Harsh Reality”
The film “Surviving Sex Trafficking” examines the ongoing struggles of trafficking survivors, as they desperately fight to break free of their past, heal their bodies and minds, reconnect with a world of hope, and reclaim their lost humanity.
View the ground-breaking documentary online or in theaters to hear their true stories →
“I was targeted by my first trafficker when I was only 17 years old,” recalls one woman in the trailer for the film. “You can’t just exit that lifestyle. So, when I decided to leave him, that’s when he assaulted me and left me for dead.”
Another survivor recalls trying to escape her captor. “I go into my room, and he had nailed the windows shut.” She says another girl who tried to get away was forced into a dog cage. “[He] started beating her, and he said, ‘That’s what happens when you try to run.’”
The film documents the arduous process of recovery for survivors. One woman comments, “Nobody understands that struggle. They think once we’re rescued, we’re healed, that’s it, done.”
“It was important for us to make this film because we wanted to give a platform to survivors to freely share their pain and voice without sugar-coating the harsh reality they went through. Their pain is uncomfortable but needs to be heard,” Shree tells Deadline. “Their deepest desire as well as ours is to prevent someone from getting trafficked or inspire someone to get out of it – that’s the hope.”