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Req: Oh Jeremy Corbyn - The Big Lie (banned from Glastonbury)

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Req: Oh Jeremy Corbyn - The Big Lie (banned from Glastonbury)

I was vaguely interested in this, but now it's been banned from Glastonbury I MUST SEE IT.

Trailer here:

Looks like there is a draft 20-minute edit:

Can't find this anywhere yet.

Can't find this anywhere yet... is it an independent documentary, or made-for-TV?


I don't think it's so much a documentary as one man's angry rantings.


that old cunt is a leftover from the COMINTERN days. he is so soaked in commintern that it's residue stinks on him today.
whatever it is, no matter the govt in the UK, this absolute fuckhead commie vagina will take the opposite stance even if it's good for the country, makes sense and it's a very viable option.
his manifesto as leader was FUCKING IDIOTIC and would never, ever have worked out as it was uncosted fucking fantasy.
When he was building up to his leadsership bid, a literal fuck ton of non labour voters joined labour to vote him in as a kind of meme vote and to make labour absolutely unelectable and it worked successfuly. there was a deadline to join and be able to voyte. if you check the stats from labour, there was a massive uplift in membersship so they could vote.
i personally know of a fair few people from scotland and england who are not labour voters but became members to make the vote a meme and land labour with a fucking donkey as a leader.
well.. i just showed more balance than the BBC!... i have equally insult bothformer labour and tory leaders!

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