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Reptilian Land Weapons

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Reptilian Land Weapons - dedicated target type #5


(subliminal: just die, dont worry, its ok)

LATEST SOLID HOLOGRAPHICS, still low detail quality.
(the iris area rapidly changing red/blue/green/grey - color processor out of order)

This "clown" got 125 videos only on youtube, all for mind play.
There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of such "clowns", all doing the mind play job, seeding confusion and lies
into the sheeples minds. (EASY job, when you got all "media news - media industry")

Most of them are polymorphics operated by greys or reptoids, and some are solid holographics like the one, in this HD example. (i know you like to analyze frame by frame)

reptilian agenda - extermination

7 min / 97 mb / HD / .mkv