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06-20 MONDAY Texe Marrs Powerhouse New Bookà 'Holy Serpent of the Jews' Dr. JS Chiappalone Terminal Madness Of The End Times Yoichi Shimatsu Fukushima Nightmare Worsens, More Are Dying Dana Durnford Nuclear Death Of The N Pacific And West Coast 06-21 TUESDAY Jay Weidner A Conversation Gordon Duff That Failing State Of The Nation Jim Kirwan The View From SF 06-22 WEDNESDAY David John Oates Latest Campaign Reverse Speech Discoveries Joel Skousen Campaign Analysis And Commentary From England Gilad Atzmon The Fight Against World Zionism 06-23 THURSDAY Devvy Kidd It's Trump Or Lose America Prof James Fetzer Orlando Herbert Dosrsey Astonishing Technology & German Flying Saucers Secret Science & the Secret Space Program 06-24 FRIDAY Dean Henderson The View From The Left Nancy Neeter America On The Ropes John Barbour Real People Real John
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