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6-13 MONDAY Special Report Joel Skousen Orlando, Hillary, Obama, Trump Jim Oglesby ETs, UFOs And The NASA Apollo Program Travelers From Space Illustrations Yoichi Shimatsu Fukushima Catastropheà No End In Sight Dana Durnford The Man Who Revealed The Death Of The North Pacific 6-14 TUESDAY Devvy Kidd America In Crisis Terrible Tim Rifat The View From England Jim Oglesby Travelers From Space Part 2 6-15 WEDNESDAY Jonathan Emord Orlando...Political Analysis Charles R. Smith Geopolitical-Military Analysis Dr. David Duke The Orlando Terror... The Dark 06-16 THURSDAY Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD Zika Update Jim Oglesby Travelers From Space Part 3 Illustrations Patricia Doyle, PhD Radical Islam - A Disease Of Mind And Body 06-17 FRIDAY William Tomkins The Incredible German Flying Disc Program With George Filer & Frank Chille Video & Photos Of German Discs
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It seems that Zapoper is back at Mami's and is once again posting daily the Rense Shows. So, if you are a Rense Fan you can go here-

Considering that Zapoper is well known for having the disposition of a 12 year old school girl, you never know when he's going to have a hissy fit and disappear again.

That being the case I'll continue to post weekly updates on Saturdays. This week has been a bit thin. Terrible Tim is now in the cuckoo's nest. Seems like the powers that be finally got tired of his nonsense and decided to shut him up. Guess that Timmy is going to be riding the lightning for a while. Pray for him folks. He may be a nutcase but he was a brother.

Who's next?




It's more like a 15 year old school girl mate. LMAO

then you'd be "legal".