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09-26 MONDAY Hour 1 - Yoichi Shimatsu & Dana Durnford Discuss Dana's Conviction In Canadian Court Hour 2 James Fetzer & Preston James Analysis Of The First Trump-Clinton Debate Hour 3 James Fetzer & Preston James - Your Calls 09-27 TUESDAY Terrible Tim Rifat The View From England Frosty Wooldridge Muslims Killing Americans With Guns And Disease Voting Hillary Increases Killing Of Americans You Can't Vet The Minds Of 100,000 Muslims Special Guest Dr Patricia Doyle, PhD Joel Skousen Analysis Of The First Trump-Clinton Debate 09-28 WEDNESDAY Devvy Kidd The State Of The Nation Prof James Fetzer Clinton Caught Cheating Again Jordan Maxwell This Whole Nightmare Started Long Ago 09-29 THURSDAY David John Oates Reverse Speech Analysis Of The Debate Jim Marrs The View From Marrs 09-30 FRIDAY Joseph Foster A Life Of UFO Sightings UFO Slide Show - PDF Nancy Neeter
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Fuck the Debates!