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09-19 MONDAY Prof James Fetzer Hillary (Or Body Doubles) Will Flood America With Muslims Jim Kirwan Yoichi Shimatsu Fukushima Catastrophe Worsens Dana Durnford Extinction Spreading 09-20 TUESDAY Open Phones How Do YOU Feel About The State Of The Election? We'd Like To Hear From You! CALL IN 844-769-2944 Gordon Duff The State Of Affairs Uncle Gordie & 'Nikola' Keshe (or the Iranian Maitre d'Hotel at Detroit's Biggest Persian Restaurant?) Jim Kirwan SF Begins To Look Like Homeless Paris 09-21 WEDNESDAY Devvy Kidd This Is It, America Clinton Body Double - What Changed My Mind Charles R. Smith Terrorism In The US Joel Skousen The Big Picture 09-22 THURSDAY Dr Betty Martini The Aspartame Threat To Your Life Remains Aspartame Violates FDA Rule On Sanitary Food Transport Prof James Fetzer Hillary Update Patricia Doyle, PhD Muslim 'Migrants' Loaded With Diseases 09-23 FRIDAY Dean Henderson The View From Missouri Prof James Fetzer Pre-Debate Craziness - Hillary Goes Full Retard, Yells In Speech Jordan Maxwell America Falling Apart
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What a crazy week!


Love these Rense posts. Renses's guests are really on top of the bizarre situation with Hillary Clinton