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Rense.Show.07-25--07-29 (FIXED)

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07-25 MONDAY Tim Rifat The View From Brighton Prof James Fetzer Huma Email... 'Hillary Often Confused, Needs Hand-Holding' - She Is Not Fit For Presidency Yoichi Shimatsu Fukushima Report Dana Durnford 07-26 TUESDAY William Tompkins More Amazing Revelations With Frank Chille & George Filer 07-27 WEDNESDAY Joel Skousen Analysis Of The DNC Faye Heuston Dr. Byrzinski...The Man Who Defeated Cancer And The Terrible Price He Paid Eileen Durfee The Revolutionary Ion Brite Light Bulb Turn On A Light & Clean Home & Office 07-28 THURSDAY Gerald Celente Trends Bite Prof James Fetzer The 'Democrat' Party's Best Jim Marrs The View From Marrs 07-29 FRIDAY David John Oates Hillary Speech Reversals Madeline Gerwick Financial Astrology & The Election John Barbour New Blockbuster JFK Documentary
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I love Rense programs. Thanks!

stuck @ 97.5% when a seed attaches .... hash failure .... waited since it was posted :'(


Thank you, look forward to his show, got fed up with C2C :D