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07-18 MONDAY Texe Marrs Rabbis Agree With JesusàTheir God Is Satan Brian Twede Will You Starve Or Will You Prepare? Dana Durnford Fukushima About To Get Worse 07-19 TUESDAY Roland Thomas Radiation Worsens, Cancers Exploding, How To PROTECT Yourselves Gordon Duff TurkeyàWhodunnit? Jim Kirwan The Pence Choice 07-20 WEDNESDAY Devvy Kidd America At The Brink Charles R. Smith Geopolitical-Military Analysis Joel Skousen World Affairs Brief 07-21 THURSDay Dr. Henry L. Niman PhD - Zika Update David John Oates Reverse Speech On Pence, More Patricia Doyle, PhD Immigrants Poisoning US With Disease 07-22 FRIDAY Dean Henderson Left Hook) David Duke - David Duke Announces His Candidacy For The US Senate Nancy Neeter We Have One Last Chance
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What a week! The reverse speech of Bernie Sanders is not to be missed.
Big thanks to Zapoper for the original posts.