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07-11 MONDAY Jonathan Emord The Clinton-Comey Crisis Prof James Fetzer Where We Are Right Now Dana Durnford (Yoichi Is Traveling) The Death Of The Pacific 07-12 TUESDAY Devvy Kidd We Are In BIG Trouble Terrible Tim Rifat The View From Brexit Britain Dr Dean Bonlie Stunning Benefits Of Sleeping In A Negative Polarity Field 07-13 WEDNESDAY Jay Weidner Surveying The Apocalypse Remote Viewing The Future Works! Dick Allgire Daz Smith Courtney Brown Jim Marrs The View From Marrs 07-14 THURSDAY Gerald Celente Trends Bite Preston James America On The Brink David John Oates 07-15 FRIDAY Harry Cooper Just Back From An Astonishing Research Trip To Europe More New Revelations About True WW2 History
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