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05-30 MONDAY Pete Santilli Live (we hope) & Deb Jordan The Threat To Journalism & Our First Amendment David John Oates Shocking, Reverse Speech Exposure Of Obama's Betrayal Of America Yoichi Shimatsu Fukushima Radiation Getting Worse Dana Durnford The Dying Pacific Ocean 05-31 TUESDAY William Tomkins More Startling Secret Technology Revelations With George Filer & Frank Chille Blake Sawyer World Is Going To Hell ******************************************************************* 06-01 WEDNESDAY Peter Davenport Stunning Eyewitness UFO Reports Barbara Lamb & Jacqueline ET Hybrids Among Us? Meet the Hybrids - The Lives & Missions of ET Ambassadors on Earth 06-02 THURSDAY Andy Gause Gold & Our Financial Future Prof James Fetzer A Conversation Patricia Doyle, PhD Illegals Spreading Disease Wherever They Go 06-03 FRIDAY Madeline Gerwick Financial Astrology & Reading For You CALL IN 844-769-2944 David John Oates More Stunning Reverse Speech Newsmakers Hillary's Attack Trump Speech Reversed! Hear The TRUTH Reversals Of Hillary's 'Great Speech'! 06-06 MONDAY David Duke Herbert Dorsey The Secret History Of The New World Order Yoichi Shimatsu Fukushima Worse Than Ever Dana Durnford The Man Who Revealed The Death Of The North Pacific 06-07 TUESDAY George Filer Filer's Files UFO Reports Gordon Duff The Mideast Skewered By Satan Joel Skousen 06-08 WEDNESDAY Mike King The Israeli Slaughter Of The USS Liberty & 'The Bad War' Jay Weidner (canceled) Smoke & Mirrors Frank Chille The UFO-ET Reality Nearing Disclosure? 06-09 THURSDAY Gerald Celente Trends Come Home Preston James America Torn In Two Fernando Faura & Jim Marrs The RFK Murderà Those Who Knew 06-11 FRIDAY William Tomkins The Incredible German Flying Disc Program With George Filer & Frank Chille Video & Photos Of German Discs


The 6-3 David John Oates reverse speech on Rottenham is not to be missed. She is one evil bitch through and through. Either we stop her or we invite hell on earth.