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05-22 MONDAY Dave Gahary & Phil Tourney Erasing The Liberty...Keeping Alive The Memory Of IsraelÆs Heinous Attack On The USS Liberty Dick Allgire Trapped On The USS Ronald Reagan Regis Tremblay New Documentary 30 Seconds To Midnight... How Close We Are To Thermonuclear War 05-23 TUESDAY Terrible Tim Rifat Trump Waiting For Trip To End To Attack N Korea? Prof James Fetzer More Muslims, More Terror And Death Special Guest Larry Rivera All Day Live Memorial Day Netcast Marking JFK's 100th Birthday With New Assassination Conspiracy Revelations JFK Birthday All Day Netcast - Go Here Patricia Doyle, PhD Muslim Invasion Continues With Trump 05-24 WEDNESDAY Dr. David Duke Manchester Terror Coming Here Dr. David Duke Multiple Topics Yoichi Shimatsu The Inside Story On The Ransomware Attacks NSA-Equation And Its Minions Plotted The WannaCry Attack 05-25 THURSDAY Devvy Kidd America In Shreds Joel Skousen World Affairs Brief Encore 05-26 FRIDAY Dean Henderson Big Oil And Trump Encore Encore
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