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Reiner Fuellmich interviews Matthew Ehret - Eugenics (world population reduction)

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Matthew Ehret - author and historian interviewed by lawyer Reiner Fuellmich and lawyer Viviane Fischer. Matthew Ehret is talking about eugenics (world population reduction) and transhumanism and the history of it. He is also talking about who supported Adolf Hitler financially to start his genocide.

This presentation may provoke revision of at least some of your conceptual understanding of history.

Toward the conclusion:
Ehret: "...there's a fight over what the terms of the new system will look like. Will it be a multi-polar system where sovereign nation-states play a driving role, or will it be this stakeholder capitalism crap of a Great Reset and new eugenics that the World Economic Forum crowd wants?

"So I think that that's also useful to keep in mind. It's not like a lost cause; it's not like everybody is in on it.

"It's that you have this parasite. It's latched onto the host, but it has weaknesses. It has fears. It has a lot of insecurities.

"And I think that despite the problems that you might find within the Eurasian community, there is overall an agenda to not have depopulation; to encourage large-scale projects for the future, that encourage growth. It empowers sovereign nation-states to have full-spectrum economies.

"We don't have that in the west, under the World Bank, IMF, BIS (Bank for International Settlements) system which is dominant here. We don't have that spirit in any way. It's antagonistic to it. So it's two incompatible paradigms clashing."
Fuellmich: ... We know what we have to do. We have to stop these bastards.
Ehret: "In the mind of an imperialist, progress is troublesome, because as soon as you start it, you cannot stop it. And they want stability and control. They're control freaks.

"So that's why they look for excuses to get us to believe that it's best to cut off creative thought, in order to just adapt to controlled environments, like the little Darwinian animals they expect us to be, or talking cows on a feudal plantation, that adapt to the environments of the plantation lord."