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This is a swell zone you folks have going on here. I was pleased to learn of it from a good reddit pal. I'd assume many of you have visited /r/conspiracy at some point, given the subject matter here.

Well, I'm not from there..

We started the /r/conspiracyII realm some months back for a number of glaring obvious reasons. As your site here displays, we too hold raw documents, books, and other media on these subjects in high(er) regard than our larger competition. The small numbers we have actually read this stuff, not just react to headlines and throw jargon around.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to introduce myself/ourselves, and make it known this site certainly appeals to my data hoarding sensibilities as well.

Lastly, perhaps we can all assist each other in spreading around good info and people. (I'm no leecher ;)



we are happy to welcome you to Concen. Feel free to upload your goodies here and we are happy to host them and you cohorts too!
I'll pop over now nd have a wee gander at /r/conspiracyII and say hello ;)

I have terabytes worth. It's

I have terabytes worth. It's poorly organized, admittedly. I'm pleased to have found this place. Unless anyone objects, I'll add a link to it in the sidebar of our little stronghold.

I'll put together a decent torrent in coming days. I have some old stuff.


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