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Red Ice Creations (RIR) radio

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Red Ice Creations (RIR) radio

How about an specific thread bout RIR programs ?
This is IMHO the best web radio program ever... Not subject forbidden to be touched.

I the past someone (Ryba777 ?) used to post this kind of content and it was a wonderful.
If i could afford the fees i will be the main poster about this here...

And it would be even better if we could raise some dialogs about those interviews.
I already listened all RIR programs posted here in the past.

Hope this get someone in the mood to join...


Unfortunately Henrik now

Unfortunately Henrik now seems to get the habbit to elaborate on his new white man fetish EVEN AFTER the interview with his guests is done, -especially when they didn't jump onto the theme as much as he wished they would. As an example, listen to the new David Icke interview, the second '1 hour only' show within a short period of time:
Direct download:

Respect once more to David Icke for how he manages the questions!

Why "Unfortunately" ?!

I just listened that interview with D. Eicke and was unable to find "new white man fetish" whatsoever...
We here in Brazil are the most mixed pool of genes in the planet and we have our racial issues, yes, but almost anyone here would understand if a withe, black, yellow, etc... do prefer to marry someone of his/her own color.

It is easy to see that the forced multiculturalism is not a natural and harmonic process and that each race has the right to maintain its own characteristics, with no prejudice. The same can bee said about cultures.

I'm not at all against

I'm not at all against bringing up the topic/problem/agenda of forced multiculturalism, but when it comes to the attempt of whitewashing british colonialism as Henrik does in that show, especially after the actual interview, my alarm bells go on! And this is just one example for Henriks new love for racial nationalism...
I'm afraid he loses the sane balance in dealing with these topics.

Charlie Prime
Ryba777's Red Ice torrents

Ryba777's Red Ice torrents were the reason I joined ConCen initially.

whitewashing british colonialism

The UK was the first group of cells that now a days is the planet tumor AKA USA: UK+US+Vatican.
But specific about Henrik in that DI interview, he stated clearly the importance and significance of UK researchers along history and the good work they done for Science. When one say UK is a source of evil it is not UK average Joe, common folk people, no. But yes the "elites" blue blood that manages the machine called UK against the rest of Earth peoples.
If those of Nordic descendant are more worried about their culture and phenotype, it is their right to be vocal about that. And some times this can be seen as "radical nationalism" but, in time, it will become clear that each pocked of culture is struggling to survive as each gene and each meme. The standardization been forced upon us by the NWO is the enemy - not the love for identity and peculiarity that each culture has.

Charlie Prime
Well said.

Well said.

way over the top

yep, but you know that something's seriously going wrong, when somebody puts "the building of infrastructure in the colonies" against the total destruction of a native culture including the physical and/or financial enslavement of a people, -while robbing their resources. Or if he tries to defend the apartheid system of South Africa... as Henrik did in said show.


Krise - I totally agree - Henrik has changed for the worse I'm afraid and I'm curious if his new wife has anything to do with it. Defending the British Empire was a mistake and he really needs to educate himself about the subject more before opening his mouth and making an ass out of himself. I do understand where he's coming from regarding the immigration issue but it really has been over the top for a while and his choice in guests and topics has dwindled in quality and diversity. He's also naively fell into the anti-Islam trap and blames the influx of immigrants on the religion and uses videos of angry arabs - some provoked - to prove that Islam is somehow at fault, as if it has any influence on immigration policy decisions made by the leaders of these countries. He ignorantly blames the actions of a few Muslims on the entire religion they claim be represent, which is sad, in my opinion.

to each his own

Let me get this straight: Islam is good, British Empire is bad, Whites are bad, immigrants are good, and that is why there will not be any more posting of RIR torrents ?

totally off! All corporate

totally off! All corporate religions are bad, all Empires are bad, Whites are good, Blacks are good, Yellows are good, forced immigration is bad, and all this has nothing to do with the question whether RIR torrents will be posted here. I hope they'll keep on coming...

then we're on the same page

Then we are on the same page. I can't say I listen to more than 10% of Palmgren's programs, and even out of that 10% I can't say I agree 100% with what's being said, but nonetheless I think it's a good piece of information, considering what we have at our disposal.

Red Ice radio is the best!!

Pretty please upload Red Ice Radio shows!! It's the best and the only one I listen.. The only reason I joined this tracker loooong time ago, unfortunately the only tracker that has RIR shows :(.. so please Upload RIR!

PM Ryba777

Some month ago i PM Ryba777 asking for some RIR and after that RIR indeed appears.

Maybe if some other else also do this...

Charlie Prime
> after that RIR indeed

> after that RIR indeed appears.

Here? I searched but could not find any RIR torrents here.

I have most of those shows

I have most of those shows from whenever the last pack was done through the interview with Kevin MacDonald a week or so ago. If anyone wants I can upload what I have until someone does something more complete.

That would be wonderful!! Any

That would be wonderful!! Any RIR show is very appreciated here!! Thanks in advance!!

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