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All credit to Corsair for figuring out how to save these videos off Gaia. I just love x265 encoding, it's a great way to save disc space while preserving high quality.

This information really deserves to be shared, it's available as 9 episodes on Gaia or 3 movies on Vimeo. Share the trailer on your social media if you like it.


Real Immunity
1 Season, 9 Episodes

In Real Immunity, filmmaker and classic homeopath Cilla Whatcott seeks to dispel the fear surrounding disease, reveal the relationship between humans and viruses, and provide insight into trusting your intuition. Through interviews with doctors, researchers and parents, it explains a safe and effective alternative to vaccines called homeoprophylaxis.

Quest for Real Immunity: The Wisdom of the Body
Real Immunity
2018 S1:Ep1

The answer to real immunity lies within. It does not come through a pill or from the end of a needle. Filmmaker and classical homeopath Cilla Whatcott interviews forerunners in conventional and alternative medicine to reveal the answer to the quest for real immunity. This first episode of Real Immunity provocatively explores the practices and opinions of doctors and researchers who are at the leading edge of the emerging natural paradigm about health. This new paradigm encompasses current information, increased understanding, and the desire for sustainable and safer methods of disease prevention. It also harkens back to the common sense we have somehow lost over time. How have we lost this wisdom of the ages when it comes to knowing how to raise our children? In recent generations we have come to rely on the medical industry to make important decisions for us. It has failed us.

Quest for Real Immunity: Our Fear of Germs
Real Immunity
2018 S1:Ep2

While antibiotics were once heralded as a miracle, they have now become a nightmare by encouraging antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Have we actually created a monster? What happens when you annihilate one bacteria? Do others take its place? Our knowledge of the micro-biome has grown exponentially in the last decade. Some are beginning to realize that we must live in harmony with other lifeforms. The fear of germs is debilitating in more ways than one. Fighting fear is fruitless. What we struggle to avoid is actually drawn to us. If you have fear of germs, disease, viruses, or bacteria, this episode of Real Immunity is a must see. Calm your nerves with a healthy dose of reality.

Quest for Real Immunity: Overcoming Fear with Knowledge
Real Immunity
2018 S1:Ep3

Do we have the capacity to heal ourselves? What are the tools to do so? Learn how knowledge is power, how love is infinitely more powerful than fear, just as Mahatma Gandhi claimed, and what techniques can effectively help you develop trust in your own intuition. After viewing this third episode of Real Immunity you’ll become more mindful of the true meaning of symptoms, more able to listen to the whispers of your own intuition, and more confident in applying your newfound wisdom. In the words of producer/director Cilla Whatcott, “Healing is a conscious collaboration between client and practitioner. The most healing act we can perform is to empower the client with knowledge.”

Passage to Real Immunity: Finding Your Path
Real Immunity
2018 S1:Ep4

Health is within us and the truth that has come through the ages reveals itself in many ways. Fear can make us forget what we know but finding our way is simply a matter of searching things out in our mind and heart, making conscious choices, and also accessing the unconditional love that is central to healing. Allopathic, or conventional medicine, may have its place with emergency intervention, but Chinese medicine and homeopathy are both reliable systems of healing that are shared in this episode. Chinese medicine can open impedances within the body, allowing one to know their place in the larger universe. The law of similars, central to homeopathy, is based on the principle of love, accepting and mirroring qualities to promote healing. Learn how you can support the natural healing mechanisms of the body and gain freedom by lifting the fear that has become so prevalent. Be introduced to the amazing method of immune education called “homeoprophylaxis” that is safe, effective, and easy to administer.

Passage to Real Immunity: Simple Truths about Homeoprophylaxis
Real Immunity
2018 S1:Ep5

Few people in the United States are familiar with the natural method of immune education called “homeoprophylaxis.” This episode focuses on families using it, doctors prescribing it, and researchers investigating its effectiveness. If you are seeking a safe alternative to conventional vaccines, this may be another marker to lead you along your journey. Go on your own journey of investigation by seeing and hearing professionals engaged in the study of this safe alternative. Homeoprophylaxis, also called “HP,” has been in existence for more than two hundred years, is non-toxic, and about ninety percent effective in preventing disease. Hearing from parents who have done their own research and decided on using HP provides a first-hand glimpse of their thriving children — healthy, alert, and vibrant. As one of the most difficult decisions parents face in raising a family, the choice whether to vaccinate or not poses a challenge with conflicting information coming from every direction.

Passage to Real Immunity: Do Your Research
Real Immunity
2018 S1:Ep6

Meet unique individuals who are not afraid to seek knowledge and make conscious choices. Encounter a clearer path for your own passage and certainly be left with the inspiration uttered by Albert Einstein when he said, “Great spirits have always encountered opposition.…” Meet Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy, the gentle spirited healers who live in the city of Murnau, Germany, where a large percentage of inhabitants choose not to vaccinate. As the authors of twenty books distributed among millions of people, Ravi and Carola have been successfully using homeoprophylaxis (HP) since the 1980s. Hear from more parents who have done their research and opted not to use conventional vaccines. Tim and Helen who use HP with their son Zac and plan to use it with their new baby on the way, give the advice, “Do your research and don’t be afraid to make a decision outside the conventional method.”

S1:Ep7 34 mins 2019

Guest: Antonio Jimenez, MD; Cilla Whatcott, PhD; Janet Levatin, MD; Linda Baker, MD; Valerie Ohanian; Torako Yui, PhD

Cilla Whatcott shares her fascinating experience of living on a tiny island in the Pacific where she raised her children in a unique and idyllic environment. Throughout episode 7, she opens up about her own cancer diagnosis that caused her to examine her choices for healing more carefully and choose a path outside of conventional treatment.

Dr. Tony Jimenez, the founder of Hope4Cancer clinics in Mexico, tells us how as a child he had a pivotal experience that led him to choose a road less traveled. Similarly, pediatrician Linda Baker also recognized her need to explore natural medicine and embarked on four additional years of training in homeopathic medicine. Janet Levatin, MD, was disillusioned with her medical training. She discovered homeopathy and chose to focus more fully on this method to transform people’s lives.

Valerie Ohanian created the fully accredited Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in 1995 after being healed herself from a devastating illness. And Torako Yui came close to death before bumping into homeopathy and changing the entire course of her life.

And finally, see the inside of the Hope4Cancer clinic where Cilla Whatcott chose to receive treatment, and she takes the viewer through some of the unique therapies offered there.

Choosing Real Immunity: Levels of Consciousness

Real Immunity

2019 S1:Ep8 22 mins

Guest: Cilla Whatcott, PhD; Bill McKenna; Del Bigtree; Tony Jimenez, MD; Lesie Gomez, MD

Love, fear, shame, anger, guilt, and other emotions all have a powerful effect upon our consciousness. In turn, our consciousness directs our own immunity. Based upon the work of Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, Bill McKenna provides an explanation of the levels of human consciousness. With shame, fear, and guilt on the lowest level and love being at the highest level, McKenna describes where entire countries operate as well as individuals. Hear the amazing fact that individuals at the level of “love” have the ability to counterbalance tens of thousands of those much lower on the consciousness scale.

Del Bigtree is captured in his quieter moments of reflection as he discusses the fear that encompassed him as the film Vaxxed was released. Producer/director Cilla Whatcott interviews Dr. Tony Jimenez as he describes how he calls upon wisdom and discernment before interfacing with patients each day. And Learn from Dr. Leslie Gomez how the original template of mother-child love contributes to our life-long level of consciousness and thus our innate immunity. We are all connected and healing the mother can have a tremendous effect upon the child.

The most successful healers share the attributes of love and non-judgment, thus raising the consciousness of others as they fulfill their calling.

Choosing Real Immunity: The Integrity of Our Immunity

Real Immunity

S1:Ep9 33 mins 2019

Guest: Cilla Whatcott, PhD; Joe Dispenza, DC; Tony Jimenez, MD: Leslie Gomez, MD; Isaac Golden, PhD; Jeanne Ohm, DC

Dr. Joe Dispenza divulges the stunning impact of both mother and father’s consciousness as sperm and egg unite to form an embryo. Mirror neurons, survival response, and generations of belief all play significant roles in the formation of our reality and subsequent immune function.

Cilla Whatcott expresses her quandary as she balances intention and surrender to heal herself of breast cancer. She interviews Dr. Tony Jimenez, medical director of the Hope4Cancer clinics, where she received her alternative treatment. Dr. Tony shares data about gratitude and its ability to actually raise immune function.

Also from the Hope4Cancer clinic in Mexico is Dr. Leslie Gomez who confirms how the experience of the mother and prior generations will imprint the child’s health for life unless open communication and resolution take place.

The integrity of our immunity depends on every cell communicating effectively with each other.