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Real Immunity on GAIA

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Real Immunity on GAIA

Hey who's ripping the GAIA shows?

Can you look for a show called "Real Immunity", I think it's 9 episodes. Some parts are available as a movie but it may be more digestible as a 9-part series.

It's really interesting - largely about something called Homeoprophylaxis, which is something I have dabbled in. It's a homeopathic alternative to vaccination - not the same thing at all, but surprisingly there are studies from Cuba and India that show it's very effective.


flaurora_sonora and Dr3adLoX are good at uploading archives of Gaia shows. I found Season 1 of Real Immunity. It's actually six episodes. Looks good. I try to go natural in most cases but have been stung by psychiatry one too many times!

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