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[RE-SEED]Chuck Missler - New Testament Commentaries - Selected Collection

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This is my entire collection of Chuck Missler's New Testament collection. In no
ways is it complete, but it is quite extensive!

You will enjoy the fruits of my labor. I personally either downloaded the files
from the Berean Online Fellowship, or somehow snookered the RealAudio (CRAP!!)
files from their site (most of them were done this way), then converted to MP3,
organized and MP3 Tagged for your enjoyment. All done on a Pentium-75 with 396
MB RAM and dial-up! Woo hoo! I've probably put in about 30 hours or so with
this NT collection.
If you listen or have listened a little bit to Chuck, he has certainly lead an
interesting life. A little about the Misslers:

Chuck and Nancy Missler were both raised in Southern California.

Chuck demonstrated an aptitude for technical interests as a youth. He became a
ham radio operator at age nine and started piloting airplanes as a teenager.
While still in high school, Chuck built a digital computer in the family garage.

His plans to pursue a doctorate in electrical engineering at Stanford University
were interrupted when he received a Congressional appointment to the United
States Naval Academy at Annapolis. Graduating with honors, Chuck took his
commission in the Air Force. After completing flight training, he met and
married Nancy. Chuck joined the Missile Program and eventually became Branch
Chief of the Department of Guided Missiles.

Chuck made the transition from the military to the private sector when he became
a systems engineer with TRW, a large aerospace firm. He then went on to serve as
a senior analyst with a non-profit think tank where he conducted projects for
the intelligence community and the Department of Defense. During that time,
Chuck earned a master's degree in engineering at UCLA, supplementing previous
graduate work in applied mathematics, advanced statistics and information

Recruited into senior management at the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn,
Michigan, Chuck established the first international computer network in 1966. He
left Ford to start his own company, a computer network firm that was
subsequently acquired by Automatic Data Processing (listed on the New York Stock
Exchange) to become its Network Services Division.

Returning to California, Chuck found himself consulting, organizing corporate
development deals, serving on the board of directors at several firms, and
specializing in the rescuing of financially troubled technology companies. He
brought several companies out of Chapter 11 and into profitable operation. Chuck
thrived on this type of work.

As Chuck notes, his day of reckoning came several years ago when -- as the
result of a merger -- he found himself the chairman and a major shareholder of a
small, publicly owned development company known as Phoenix Group International.
The firm established an $8 billion joint venture with the Soviet Union to supply
personal computers to their 143,000 schools. Due to several unforeseen
circumstances, the venture failed. The Misslers lost everything, including their
home, automobiles and insurance.

It was during this difficult time that Chuck turned to God and the Bible. As a
child he developed an intense interest in the Bible; studying it became a
favorite pastime. In the 1970s, while still in the corporate world, Chuck began
leading weekly Bible studies at the 30,000-member Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, in
California. He and Nancy established Koinonia House in 1973.

Chuck had enjoyed a longtime, personal relationship with Hal Lindsey, who upon
hearing of Chuck's professional misfortune, convinced him that he could easily
succeed as an independent author and speaker. Over the years, Chuck had
developed a loyal following. (Through Doug Wetmore, head of the tape ministry of
Firefighters for Christ, Chuck learned that over 7 million copies of his taped
Bible studies were scattered throughout the world.) Koinonia House then became
Chuck's full-time profession.

Nancy Missler attended UCLA where she studied art. She met Chuck on a blind date
in 1956 and they married the following year. Through Christian author and
speaker Henrietta Mears, Nancy became a Christian, and she devoted herself to
her family, raising the Misslers' four children, Chip, Mark, Lisa and Michelle..
Nancy also established a company, Missler Aerial Photography Service, that
specialized in aerial and architectural photography.

After almost 20 years of marriage they appeared on the outside to have it all:
challenging careers, beautiful home and many of the trappings of an extremely
successful lifestyle. Despite their strong commitment to Christ, their marriage
was falling apart. Nothing seemed to work and they appeared destined for

But, before such a drastic action, Nancy began to search the Scriptures for the
answers to her broken heart. As she started practicing what the Lord revealed, a
sequence of events began that revolutionized their marriage! Her studies have
continued over 20 years as the Lord has revealed hundreds of Scriptures to guide
and direct her steps.

Her first book, Why Should I be The First To Change? describes the miracle of
her healed marriage. She followed this with The King's High Way Trilogy: The Way
of Agape, Be Ye Transformed and Faith in the Night Seasons. These are study
courses that teach the practical application of how to love as God desires; how
to renew our minds so we can be transformed into His image; and, how to
experience unshakeable faith so we can enjoy intimacy with Him.

More than 400,000 copies of Nancy's books have been sold to date. She has spoken
to women's groups throughout the United States as well as Europe, Australia,
Israel, Thailand and New Zealand. She has appeared many times on national
television and given hundreds of radio interviews.

Nancy and Chuck now travel and teach through their ministry, Koinonia House, and
they remain dedicated to create, develop and distribute materials which
stimulate, encourage and facilitate serious study of the Bible as the inerrant
Word of God..
A little about Khouse:

Our Mission Statement: To create, develop, and distribute materials to
stimulate, encourage, and facilitate serious study of the Bible as the inerrant
Word of God.

Koinonia is a New Testament word which is most often translated to mean
"communication", "fellowship", or "communion". Koinonia House, or K-House as we
are affectionately called, is dedicated to the development and distribution of
materials for encouraging and facilitating serious study of the Bible as the
inerrant Word of God. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.

K-House was founded by Chuck and Nancy Missler. Chuck, a Naval academy graduate
and former Branch Chief of the Dept. of Guided Missiles, had a remarkable 30-
year executive career. He served on the Board of Directors of 12 public
companies and was CEO of 6 of them. For twenty years Chuck balanced his high-
profile corporate career with his teaching commitment to a weekly Bible study at
Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in Southern California. Nancy, while raising their
four children, has touched the lives of thousands through her in-depth teaching
of Biblical discoveries in her "Way of Agape" and "Be Ye Transformed" books and
tape series.

After a devastating earthquake in 1992 demolished their home in Big Bear,
California, Chuck and Nan moved Koinonia House to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and K-
House now reaches tens of thousands through its monthly newsletter, radio shows,
cassette tapes, and conferences. More than eight million study tapes have been
distributed in the U.S. and in over 35 countries around the world. Thanks for
visiting us on the Net. Please join us in this Grand Adventure, and let's see
what the Lord will do!
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