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Rays of the Absolute The Legacy of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (2015)

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Rays of the Absolute The Legacy of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (2015) Nisargadatta Maharaj /ˌnɪsərɡəˈdɑːtə ˌmæhəˈrɑːdʒ/ (17 April 1897 – 8 September 1981), born Maruti Shivrampant Kambli, was an Indian Guru of Shiva Advaita (Nondualism), belonging to the Inchegeri Sampradaya, a lineage of teachers from the Navnath Sampradaya and Lingayat Shaivism. The publication in 1973 of I Am That, an English translation of his talks in Marathi by Maurice Frydman, brought him worldwide recognition and followers, especially from North America and Europe. The Sense of "I am" (Consciousness): When I met my Guru, he told me: "You are not what you take yourself to be. Find out what you are. Watch the sense 'I am', find your real Self." I obeyed him, because I trusted him. I did as he told me. All my spare time I would spend looking at myself in silence. And what a difference it made, and how soon! My teacher told me to hold on to the sense 'I am' tenaciously and not to swerve from it even for a moment. I did my best to follow his advice and in a comparatively short time I realized within myself the truth of his teaching. All I did was to remember his teaching, his face, his words constantly. This brought an end to the mind; in the stillness of the mind I saw myself as I am -- unbound. I simply followed (my teacher's) instruction which was to focus the mind on pure being 'I am', and stay in it. I used to sit for hours together, with nothing but the 'I am' in my mind and soon peace and joy and a deep all-embracing love became my normal state. In it all disappeared -- myself, my Guru, the life I lived, the world around me. Only peace remained and unfathomable silence. -- Nisargadatta Maharaj "Having understood the nature of consciousness you will also understand that you are not the consciousness." -- Nisargadatta Maharaj In 2006 Stephen Wolinsky proposed the idea of traveling to India to film Nisargadatta Maharaj's translators and disciples to explore the legacy Maharaj left behind in his hometown, Mumbai. In 2007 Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo together with Stephen Wolinsky, Philip Safarik and Fred Good traveled to India to shoot this film. The meeting with the old devotees was both illuminating as well as deeply touching. Over the next seven and a half years, we all plugged away, going through mounds of material allowing this project to reach completion. The film you are about to see cannot demonstrate the amount of work that went into this project but let's simply say that finally it is complete. Nisargadatta did not leave an ashram; he did not leave any teachings nor successors. This movie is a homage to him; a look at his unintended legacy from people that have been inspired by him more then words can express. This film contains interviews with four of the old Nisargadatta's translators: Ramesh Balsekar, S.K. Mullarpattan, Mohan and Jayashri Gaitonde, plus some old indian devotees and trustees, the publishers of "I Am That" and a visit to the old room in which Maharaj was holding his meetings, his Guru Samadhi Shrine and the place in which some of Maharaj ashes are preserved. In the footage are also presented exclusive photographs of Maharaji's cremation ceremony. *** General Parameters *** - Name: Rays of the Absolute (the Legacy of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj).mp4 - Container: MP4 - QuickTime - Size: 1.385 GB - Duration: 1h 25mn - Bitrate: 2 171 Kbps *** Video Track Parameters *** - Format: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC - Bitrate: Max.: --- / Average: 1 972 Kbps / Min.: --- - Frame rate (fps): Max.: --- / Average: 29.970 / Min.: --- - Encoding profile: High@L3.1 - Image size: 1280*720 - Pixel Aspect Ratio: Undefined - Display Aspect Ratio: 16:9 - Interlacing: Progressive ebooks: About Nisargadatta - Accounts from Students of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.pdf I AM THAT by Nisargadatta Maharaj.pdf Nisargadatta Maharaj I Am That, searchable.pdf Nisargadatta Maharaj I Am That.pdf Nisargadatta Maharaj I Am Unborn.pdf Nisargadatta Maharaj Prior to Consciousness.pdf Nisargadatta Maharaj Rays of the Absolute.pdf Nisargadatta Maharaj Seeds of Consciousness.pdf Nisargadatta Maharaj The Experience of Nothingness.pdf Nisargadatta Maharaj The Nectar of Immortality.pdf Nisargadatta Maharaj The Ultimate Medicine.pdf Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj Gleanings from Nisargadatta.pdf Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj.pdf Stephen Wolinsky Beginnners Guide to Quantum Psychology.pdf Stephen Wolinsky The Dark Side of the Inner Child.pdf Stephen Wolinsky The Gateless Gate.pdf Stephen Wolinsky The Zen of Advaita.pdf Stephen Wolinsky You Are Not.pdf tags: India, Guru, initiation, mediation, consciousness, enlightenment, illumination, soul, spirit, wisdom
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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj is a great saint from India. When I was traveling without a destiny, he taught me who I'm, why I'm here for.
There is more peace in the ashram and his company

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Fantastic share as always Ryba, glad to see that you are still here as I haven't logged onto this site for quite a while.