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Quantum Revolution with Nassim Haramein (2020)

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Gain a new perspective of how the universe works from the subatomic to the cosmological and how we are all connected to everything.

Gaia is proud to present a comprehensive series from Nassim Haramein who offers a quantum revolution to the way we think about the universe, quantum mechanics, consciousness, and our spiritual connection.

The mathematical models we have been given to describe the universe do not work. They are fraught with errors and fudge factors, trying to make sense of what is observed but not well understood. Perhaps the biggest problem is the disconnect between all of the sciences. What Nassim Haramein has discovered gives us the unified field theory to reconcile the biggest discrepancies in our scientific understanding and bridges ancient spirituality with cutting edge physics.


...the original DVDs by Nassim?

I think it was called "Event Horizon"?

He did a single DVD called Black Hole, and then a 4-DVD set called Event Horizon.

I found them on another site, but they are not seeded. It's a private tracker I wouldn't be able to share them here anyway.

Yes, I found the set of those videos on Soulseek, a peer to peer program. If I can download them all and then upload to my seedbox another time, I can share them here. I couldn't find them on ThePlace, but they are probably unseeded on TheOccult. I don't remember seeing these, but his works seems quite important and interesting...

its called Crossing the Event Horizon (2008)
I had it but have deleted it since it was 3GB
check this instead: