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The Pushback (2021) [720p]

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The following notice is from Oracle Films' "World Freedom Alliance" movie, and it should apply equally here:
"This is licensed footage of Oracle Films at - All assets in this film are not to be monetised by anyone other than Oracle Films' official channels. Footage can be duplicated and shared anywhere online, though Oracle Films should be credited."

Dr Vernon Coleman regarding this movie:
"On March 20th 2021, huge demonstrations were held around the world to protest about the oppressive and entirely unnecessary regulations being enforced to prepare populations for the `great reset’ and the `new normal’.

Ostensibly, the laws being enforced (mask wearing, social distancing, lockdowns, etc.) were in place to control a disease called covid-19 – a disease proven to kill no more people than the annual flu. (See my video/transcript entitled `Final, Irrefutable Proof that the Covid-19 Pandemic Never Existed’ for the evidence – using the UK Government’s own statistics.)

But millions know that the lockdowns, the mask wearing and the social distancing had nothing to do with covid-19 but were part of a process of intimidation and training designed to prepare us for a world in which humans have no freedom and no rights.

The mainstream media ignored or dismissed the protests of March 20th 2021. When there were reports, journalists downplayed the events and described the protests as involving just hundreds of individuals.

This was gibberish, of course.

Independent film shows that the protests involved many millions. Huge, peaceful demonstrations took place in numerous cities around the world.

Oracle Films, together with Fiona at CoviLeaks, have put together a comprehensive account of the protests that took place. The film puts the protests in true perspective and makes it clear just how biased the mainstream media has become.

Do watch their film which is called 'The Pushback’.

`The Pushback’ is available on BrandNewTube and on and

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2021"