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Psychological Warfare Subversion and Control of Western Society

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Psychological Warfare Subversion and Control of Western Society This amazing interview was done back in 1985 with a former KGB agent who was trained in subversion techniques. He explains the 4 basic steps to socially engineering entire generations into thinking and behaving the way those in power want them to. It’s shocking because our nation has been transformed in the exact same way, and followed the exact same steps. Ideological subversion is the process which is legitimate, overt and open. You can see it with your own eyes. All you have to do -- all American mass media has to do -- is to unplug their bananas from their ears, open up their eyes and they can see it. There is no mystery. There is nothing to do with espionage. It takes from fifteen to twenty years to demoralize a nation. Why that many years? Because this is the minimum number of years which requires to educate one generation of students in the country of your enemy exposed to the ideology of the enemy. In other words Marxist-Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of American students without being challenged or counter-balanced by the basic values of Americanism, American patriotism. The demoralization process in the United States is basically completed already. For the last thirty-five years. Actually, it is over-fulfilled because demoralization reaches such areas where previously, not even Comrade Andropov [1911-1984] and all his experts would even dream of such a tremendous success. Most of it is done by Americans to Americans, thanks to lack of moral standards. As I mentioned before, exposure to true information does not matter any more. A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures. Even if I take him, by force, to the Soviet Union and show him concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it until he is going to receive a kick in his fat bottom. When the military boot crashes his, then he will understand. But not before that. That is the tragedy of this situation of demoralization. The next stage is destabilization. This time, the subverter does not care about your ideas, the patterns of your consumption, whether you eat junk food and get fat and flabby. It doesn’t matter anymore. This time, and it only takes from two to five years to destabilize a nation, what matters is essentials, economy, foreign relations, defense systems. And you can see it quite clearly in sensitive areas as defense and economy. The Marxist-Leninist ideas in the United States is absolutely fantastic. I could never have believed in fourteen years ago [1971] when I landed in this part of the world that the process would go that fast. The next stage is crisis. It may take only six weeks to bring a country to the verge of crisis. You see it in Central America now. And after crisis, with a violent change in power, structure, and economy, you have the period of so-called normalization will last indefinitely. Normalization is a cynical expression borrowed from Soviet propaganda. When the Soviet tanks moved into Czechoslovakia in ’68, Brezhnev said, ‘now brother Czechoslovakia is normalized.’ This is what will happen in the United States if you allow all these schmucks to promise all the goodies and paradise on earth to destabilize your economy, to eliminate the principle of free market competition, and to put a big brother government in Washington, D.C. with benevolent dictators like Walter Mondale who will promise lots of things, never mind if they are fulfilled or not. He will go to Moscow to kiss the bottoms of the new generation of Soviet assassins. Never mind. He will create false illusions that the situation is under control. Situation is not under control. Situation is disgustingly out of control. comment: And now you know why the elites, aka the Illuminati, are flooding the west with millions of migrants. They couldn't care less about helping anyone, of course. It's a classic, really. The USSR may be gone now, but the Illuminati are not, and the process goes on, moving society towards a totalitarian one world order. audiobooks (Mac computer voice Tessa) Secret Societies and Subversive Movements We Will Bury You (The Soviet Plan for the Subversion of the West) ebooks Amos Vogel - Film as a Subversive Art.pdf Katsiaficas - The Subversion of Politics.pdf Martinez - The Undermining of the Catholic Church 1998.pdf Nesta Webster - Secret Societies and Subversive Movements 1924.pdf No Novosti Is Good News by Schuman Tomas.pdf Secret Societies and Subversive Movements.pdf Sejna - We Will Bury You The Soviet Plan for the Subversion of the West 1982.pdf Sun Tzu - The Art of War.pdf The Art of War by Sun Tzu.pdf The Art of War Sun Tzu - Lionel Giles 1910.pdf The Black Book of Communism.pdf The Judas Goats The Enemy Within.pdf The Web of Subversion Underground Networks in the US Government.pdf We Will Bury You - Wir werden euch beerdigen (German).pdf text Schuman Tomas aka Yuri Bezmenov - Deception Was My Job.pdf The Black Matrix - Manipulating Black People to Hate Themselves.pdf The 4 Stages of Subversion.pdf Love Letter to America by Yuri Bezmenov.pdf videos Yuri Bezmenov - Deception Was My Job (360p).mp4 Yuri Bezmenov - Psychological Warfare Subversion and Control of Western Society (360p).mp4 tags: demoralization, destabilization, crisis, insurgency, normalization, subversion, infiltration, politics, conspiracy
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