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Psi Development Systems by Jeffrey Mishlove

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Psi Development Systems by Jeffrey Mishlove

Seems like this is a hard get, costs around $100-300 in different places. No luck finding an e-book, although I found this which seems outdated and somewhat dead?


Can't find this one for less than 400 dollars for a paperback on Amazon, used...

Thanks! I don't have this,

Thanks! I don't have this, but I give a second shout out to anything by Jeffrey Mishlove. I recently tried to find his full length interview with Robert Anton Wilson, but can't locate it. Does anyone have that? There is only a 5 minute video of it available.

Does anybody have more of his stuff? He still produces new stuff, sometimes even interviewing himself!

Thinking Allowed

I am not sure if Mishlove uploaded all of his old Thinking Allowed interviews to his new YouTube channel. I think there are at least clips of them available, but the archive of his old shows seem like they might belong on sites like TheOccult (and here too, of course). I have an old DVD from Thinking Allowed that has Terence McKenna and Jacques Vallee, but old encodes of that may be here somewheres...

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