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The Protocols of Gangstalking & Neuro-Warfare - Eric Karlstrom

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The Protocols of Gangstalking & Neuro-Warfare - Eric Karlstrom The Worldwide Organized Stalking/PsyOps/Electronic Torture-Murder/Behavioral and Mind Control Program (GOG’S NEW GESTAPO) The Goals and Scope of the USG/NSA/DOD/DHS/NATO/CIA/DIA/FBI/NEW WORLD ORDER “Civil-Military-Corporate” “Unconventional Warfare” Against the Civilians of the World: ABSTRACT Investigation of the (often suppressed) history of the past century indicates that the “Program,” referred to here as “GOG’S NEW GESTAPO,” is derived from previous “psychological warfare” and “civilian pacification” programs developed in and deployed against civilian populations in the former Soviet Union, former Communist East Germany, Nazi Germany, Britain, United States, and Israel, among other nations. The PsyOp and gang stalking techniques, psychotronic (neuro) weaponry, and secret, illegal experimentation on citizens that characterize GOG’S NEW GESTAPO were developed in the following institutions and programs in particular: 1) The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (London, England), the post-World War I outgrowth of the Psychological Warfare Division of the British Army. 2) The Nazi-CIA (trauma-based) mind control experiments/programs referred to as MKULTRA and MONARCH (which include Projects Bluebird, Artichoke, Chatter, MK Naomi, StarGate, and hundreds of others). In addition to developing chemical and biological (including drugs) methods for modifying and controlling human behavior, these programs developed electronic (psychotronic) weapons and measured the effects that electromagnetic frequencies have on the human organism with the goal of controlling the minds and behaviors of individual human subjects and populations as a whole. 3) The CIA’s Phoenix Program and MHCHAOS/FBI’s COINTELPRO/NATO’s Post-WWII Gladio-Stay Behind Armies in Europe/US Military’s Garden Plot-Cable Splicer Programs/East German Stasi Secret Police/Soviet Cheka (“red terror”)/American police “red squad” “citizen pacification” programs of the previous century were/are all methods used to suppress dissident elements/”internal enemies” within domestic populations so that the interests of “the state” (that is, of the financial elite that controls the state) could be advanced with minimal opposition. These institutions and programs are described in detail on this website and my website in order to shed light on the origins and purposes of “the Program” (GOG’S NEW GESTAPO). What distinguishes “GOG’S NEW GESTAPO” from these previous totalitarian “national security” military-intelligence-police-state programs? Today’s advanced “neuro” technologies may afford ruling elites the means by which they can covertly kill and/or enslave/roboticize all, or nearly all, of humanity. (Note: Although I am no expert in Biblical prophecy, the Biblical term “Gog” used here refers generally to the antichrist system predicted to occur in the end times. Similarly, based on my research, I would equate the Biblical term, Magog, with Khazarian Zionists, descended from Turkish-Mongol stock from the ancient kingdom of Khazaria, that currently are attempting to exert total dominion over all the earth.) Alas, the shoe seems to fit…. And GOG’S NEW GESTAPO, alas, has the potential to initiate global genocide on an unprecedented scale and to usher in the long-sought One-World-Government/New World Order/Jewish Universal Empire/Jewish Utopia of the Judeo-Masonic-Satanic “pathocracy” (i.e., rule by psychopaths). It is my hope and belief that good people everywhere will work to expose and defeat this odious, evil system! tags: gang-stalking, gangstalking, TI, targeted individual, antichrist, NWO, CIA, mind control, mkultra
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