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Proof that ConCen isn't a barren wasteland?

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Proof that ConCen isn't a barren wasteland?


People who visit the site see that most of the torrent uploads are from one user. They might notice that there's only a couple of forum posts a week. They'd most likely come to the conclusion that this place is a mostly empty shell, maintained by a loser who refuses to admit he lost a long time ago, who needs to move on, gathering up what's left of his crushed, worthless life, to start again with something meaningful.

But they'd be wrong. The Completed stat shows a steady rise in torrent completions, which is why this site exists. In the short while this stat has been monitored, there have been over 2000, averaging ~ 500 a day. This is not huge, but considering the material being shared, it is significant. It is also the first evidence for most of you that there is a little life underneath this bland, boring facade.

Our hobo hero Nibs has, after literally working his balls off on ConCen with his WiFi enabled Etch A Sketch, while being constantly harassed by a large pride of homicidal cats, has gone on to greener pastures. His shoes, 95% duct tape and 5% who-knows-what, were massive, but will require a team to fill - a redacted quantity of faceless, heartless bureaucrats hiding behind this username.

Please upload a torrent. Seriously. The lack of torrent upload participation by the 10's of thousands of users on this site is going from embarrassing to pathetic. Seriously. This is not a joke. Please upload something. This site is about sharing. You probably have lots of good stuff to share. Share!


I love the content here but I fear the lawlessness of the open tracker. On large torrents it's like downloading from the Pirate Bay. Without ratios greed takes over. The 'sharing is caring' of the old days is long gone. If the site was private I would be 10 x as involved as I am now. Sorry, but that's how I see it.


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