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Project Fetal Programming [tank ECT subliminals mkultra]

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Project Fetal Programming [tank ECT subliminals mkultra]

Create you own programmed monarch slave in five easy steps.

Now in one easy pack for home use.

Why should only the elite have slaves?

They will torture you until you want to die.

This induces a psychological regression to your childhood.

Then you will go into a fetal position - just like a fetus in its mother's womb.

Then they may put you in a samadhi tank (John C. Lilly floatation tank).

Or maybe the electroshock (CES, ECT) torture will happen inside the tank.

And then you will get some mind altering drugs.


And now is your time for your subliminal fetal programming.

Trauma based mind control of course.

During the process your chakras and your kundalini may get stimulated accordingly.

It's the operating system of your mind.

What a lovely world.

There are also truly nice things in this world of course.


What does the programming do?

Don't tell, don't ask.


01 Fetal Programming 1.m4a
02 Fetal Programming 2.m4a

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