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Programmed Sub-personalities Bluebird [pack]

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Vegas Shooter Programmed Sub-personalities Bluebird [pack] This is a very interesting online discussion about the recent Vegas false flag shooting. I'm posting this, because it gets as close to my own views as possible, and because the shooting may have been a test run for much greater things to come. You may see the Vegas event as the tip of an iceberg, a mere symptom of a massive occult underground network, comprised of a large number of secret societies, intelligence agencies, cults, CIA front organizations, and an army of programmed assassins. Just imagine 20'000 Vegas shootings, all happening at the same time, in all major cities all over the globe, and what such an event would mean to our liberties, and the plans of the Luciferian elites. They will do whatever it takes, to get where they want to get. They have a motive, they have an opportunity, and surely they have the means, so what should prevent them from using those means to get where they want to get? Maybe they won't do it because they believe in Jesus Christ, or because they have a sense of morality? But they don't, and they haven't. If you believe that things are bad now, you just wait, things are going to get much worse, before they will improve. Welcome to the fringe of the fringe of the fringe! The deeper you go, the lonelier you will get. Each time you delve deeper down the conspiratorial rabbit hole, the number of people still with you will diminish, until eventually, almost nobody will remain. Do you have the courage to boldly go where almost no man has ever gone before? Eventually, this search for truth without any compromise and without any taboo, will manifest itself as a search for the ultimate truth, and therefore also a search for GOD - it is a spiritual quest, it is the Great Work. Eventually, any path will lead to GOD, if you're dedicated enough, courageous enough, serious enough, authentic enough, honest enough, and desperate enough. videos: Derren Brown Derren Brown - Assassin with Audio Commentary Only.mp4 Derren Brown - How to Make a Mind-Controlled Assassin.mp4 Vegas Shooter 01 Vegas Shooter - Programmed Sub-personalities - Bluebird - Jared Wore A Girls Beanie.mp4 02 Greg Reid - More Thoughts On Vegas - The Black Awakening.mp4 docs: Secrets of the Black Awakening Archived Article Sue Bradley's 'The Men Who Stare at Goats' – PID News.pdf What the Media Won't Tell You About Jared Loughner.pdf ebooks: Dave McGowan - Programmed to Kill.pdf Demon Possession Handbook.pdf Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures.pdf Marshall Thomas - Monarch II Victims.pdf Mind Wars - Marie D Jones.epub Mind Wars - Marie D Jones.pdf Thanks for the Memories - Brice Taylor, 1999.pdf The Great Nephilim Deception.pdf The Mammoth Book of Killers at Large.pdf The Ultimate Evil - Maury Terry.pdf Tranceformation of America.pdf tags: Vegas, terrorism, assassin, mkultra, black awakening, shootings, conspiracy, occult, CIA, Illuminati
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There is no evidence that Paddock was a mind controlled assassin, so I edited your deceptive title.

If you have any evidence that he was, feel free to tell us.