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Problems with Updasting my Passwoird

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Problems with Updasting my Passwoird

Just received the usual periodic email to "Change my Password".

I did get into the site here OK, and changed the Password.

But that Site webpage then stated my Original Password was incorrect, which is crazy because I had used that earlier Password to access the Site here.

After a couple of reties, I "Requested a new Password to be emailed, and received that straightaway, used that (which had to be used in 24 hours" Password to access the Site here.

Then I tried to change the Password for here, entered my new desired Password twice, but was then told "The Password I used was incorrect.

It does appear I am locked into some sort of loop.

Appreciate useful advice.

Hopefully I can get it all sorted out ASAP.

Thanks for help,


Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

Is your browser saving your password?

Hey actually

I had trouble with this recently, I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I do remember I could only solve it because I was logged in on both my phone and laptop. Maybe.

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