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The Private Federal Reserve without any Reserves (+books french english german)

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The Private Federal Reserve without any Reserves (+books french english german)

Funding Public Health Care with a Publicly Owned Bank: How Canada Did It

The story goes that Churchill offered a woman 5 million pounds to sleep with him. She hedged and said
they would have to discuss terms. Then he offered her 5 pounds. "Sir!" she said. "What sort of woman do you
think I am?" "Madam," he replied, "We've already established that. Now we're just haggling over the price."
The same might be said of President Obama's health care bill, which was sold out to corporate interests early
on. The insurance lobby had its way with the bill; after that they were just haggling over the price. The "public
option" was so watered down in congressional deal-making that it finally disappeared altogether.
However, the bill passed both Houses by razor-thin margins, and the stunning loss on January 19 of the
late Ted Kennedy's Democratic seat to a Republican may force Obama to start over with his agenda. The
good news is that this means there is still a chance of getting legislation that includes what Obama's
supporters thought they were getting when they elected him - a universal health care plan on the model of

That still leaves the question of price, but all industrialized countries except the United States have
managed to foot the bill for universal health care. How is it that they can afford it when we can't? Do they
have some secret funding source that we don't have?

In the case of our nearest neighbor Canada, the answer is actually that they do. At least, they did for the
first two decades of their national health service -- long enough to get it up and running. Now the Canadian
government, too, is struggling with a mounting debt to private banks at compound interest; and its national
health service is suffering along with other public programs. But when Canada first launched its national health
service, the funding came from money created by its own central bank. Canada's innovative funding model is
one that could still be followed by a President committed to deliver on his promises.

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Ellen Brown - Who Owns the Federal Reserve.pdf

Ellen Brown - Funding Public Health Care with a Publicly Owned Bank.pdf

Edward Griffin - The Creature from Jekyll Island_ English.pdf

Edward Griffin - Die US Notenbank Federal Reserve_ German.pdf

Edward Griffin - Creation de la FED aux USA_ French.pdf

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Edward Griffin - The Creature from Jekyll Island_ 32bps_22hz.mp3

Griffin explains the past and present bailout-scams with amazing clarity. Banks creating money out of nothing force you to pay interest rates with your hard earned money on your loans. You have to work hard so that banks can make huge profits out of nothing. It is called slavery. What can you do about it? Subscribe to G. Edward Griffin's "Reality Zone": . There is still time to fight for your freedom. Do it NOW. Inform your neighbors.