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Printable Guns

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With the ever increasing gun grabs happening, and in many places, out right gun bans, it is getting harder for people to defend themselves against the increasing levels of tyranny.
But with the increase in technology, we now have 3D printing available, and with that, we now have the ability to make printable guns. These guns are invisible, in that, they can not be discovered via metal detectors! Our oppressive regimes are up in arms over this, and are rapidly trying to figure out how to stop it. That is where we have our power!
We out number them. That and people figuring out that we do, is what scares them the most. And if we are able to fight fire with fire, there is nothing they can do but acquiesce.

Here are CAD plans that you can use to make parts for several different types of weapons using a 3D printer. Enjoy!